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[ z e r o ] r e n by suteraretaneko [ z e r o ] r e n by suteraretaneko

Going to fix the fullbody images ;u; Going to fix him up a bit since he hit level 10.

Can RP through chatroom, note, or google docs. Just ask~
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zero modeweapon

Name † Ren
D.O.B † December 22
Age † 18 [currently 19]
Gender † Male
Height † 5'8" [172cm]

Occupation † Warehouse Worker
Zone † Zone 4
Device † [link]

Demonic Weapon † Black Moon † a magical scythe that can engulf it's blade in black flames hot enough to scorch anything it touches.

+ fearless
+ intelligent
+ loyal
+ trustworthy
+ understanding
- antisocial
- competitive
- distrustful
- lone wolf
- stubborn

Ren almost always has a serious expression on his face, rarely showing a smile or any emotion. He is a serious person and can be rather sarcastic and condescending at times. Being a lone wolf Ren prefers not to associate himself with others and is quite antisocial. He doesn’t trust anyone and will keep his distance. Ren is generally cold to all who meet him and keeps his heart shut tight so no one can get in.

Don’t let his outward expression and attitude fool you, though. Ren is surprisingly kind and considerate towards those who earn his trust. His expression softens around those he holds close and he will laugh and cry like any other individual. Not having had friends all his life he can be a bit socially awkward and aloof but he is loyal, trustworthy, and understanding.

He may be quite patient and understanding but there is one thing you should watch out for. If Ren gets pushed too far, which is a rare occurance, and is angered he can become dangerous; he isn't afraid to pull a knife on someone if things get out of hand. Ren won't attack unless he has no choice to, however, because he won't risk getting into more trouble than is needed.

Ren is highly intelligent, practically on the level of a genius, and will take on any challenge. He fears nothing but having his freedom stripped from him. Having grown up to be a winner Ren is extremely competitive, prideful, and stubborn. He will stop at nothing to get what he wants and defeat is never an option.

Ren was born and raised in Central. He lived with his parents, his only living family, who were extremely strict and unkind. All his life he sat through countless tutoring sessions, piano lessons, kendo practice, flower arrangement, basketball practice, and many, many other activities. His parents made sure Ren could do anything and everything and kept him busy all hours of the day every day, not allowing him any time to himself. Ren himself was somewhat of a genius and picked up everything his parents made him do easily. Regardless of the fact, his parents were unimpressed and forced him to study and practice hours on end, accepting nothing but utter perfection. If Ren so much as made one single mistake his parents would beat him. Ren couldn’t even stay home when he was sick or ditch because he would get beat by his parents if he did.

Since entering elementary school his parents forced him to participate in countless contests and competitions. Excelling in anything he set him mind to, it was rare for Ren not to place first. Ren was pretty much a trophy child, a tool for his parents to gain social status amongst the community. Whenever he’d win first place his parents would boast to others about how their son was so talented. They would wear a mask and treat Ren as if they loved him dearly whenever they were in public, the total opposite of how they treated him in private. He had to play along with their act if he didn’t want to get beaten when he got home. All the trophies he won were displayed in a large display case in the living room for all who entered to stare at in awe. The prize money he would win along with the trophies and medals went entirely to his parents. Ren wasn’t allowed any of it and his parents would spend it all on themselves for their own selfish needs. His parents lived in luxury thanks to his natural talent and they worked him like a dog.

The only place he had time for himself was when he was at school, it was the only time his parents weren’t breathing down his neck. Ren wouldn’t talk to anyone, nor did he try. All he wanted was to relax from all the stress built up from his parents’ demands. His classmates either loathed him for being number one at everything or tried to kiss up to him so they could brag. Many were afraid of him since he never smiled or showed emotion. Ren just ignored them all and minded his own business, not interested in socializing with anyone. Aside from break school was a total bore. He already knew all the material but if he didn’t pay attention, or feign it, his parents would get a notification about the matter and he’d have a beating in store for him when he returned home.

Ren hated his parents. His hatred for them was so strong words couldn’t even describe it. On his 18th birthday Ren decided it was time to free himself from him parents’ grasp, but he couldn’t rush it, he had to wait for the right time. The date he set for his revenge was the 1st of January, New Year’s Day. On the fateful day his parents were passed out in their room after having drunk alcohol all night long, the same ritual they exercised every year in celebration of the New Year. As his parents slept away Ren took a butcher knife from the kitchen and quietly slipped into his parents’ room. This was his first time entering his parents’ room since they had forbid him from ever doing so. The room was a mess, cluttered with piles of fancy, expensive clothing and jewelry, all things they had bought with the money Ren had earned. Not once had they let him buy anything, nor did they give him birthday presents. They selfishly spent all his money on themselves. Ren’s anger increased tenfold after laying eyes on the unsightly room. Without any hesitation in his mind he put all his strength and eighteen years of anger into severing his sleeping parents’ heads from their bodies with the knife held tightly in both his hands. After both heads were cleanly cut from their respectful bodies he then took both decapitated heads and placed them inside the trophy display case in the living room with a twisted grin on his face.

“Thanks mother, father, I just won my final two trophies. Aren’t you proud?”

The deed now done, Ren washed his hands and changed into clean clothing. His next plan of action was to make his way to Zone 4 to start a new life, a life he could control himself. First, however, he had to cover up his parents’ deaths. Ren decided to put on a little act to aid in his escape. After packing some clothing and food into a bag he quietly broke the window in his parent’s room and left a trail of blood and footprints to throw off any detectives that looked into the incident. Ren washed the knife and placed it back in its rightful place in the kitchen before heading outside and locking the door behind him. His next step in carrying out his plan was to trick the neighbors. Ren ran over to the neighbor’s house out of breath with sweat dripping off his forehead and explained to them that he was being chased by a masked man with a knife. He told them he was going to try to escape and would return later when everything was okay; adding that if he never returned it meant something had happened to him. As a final touch he told the neighbor to watch his house in case the killer decided to go after his parents. The neighbor, having taken the bait, nodded and wished him a safe return. Once out of sight Ren started laughing to himself as he walked, a genuine smile lighting up his face. He was free now.

Ren was careful to stay out of sight on his way to Zone 4, he didn’t want anyone to see and recognize him because it could likely ruin his escape. He made sure to take the less traveled roads, not minding the fact that he’d be on the road longer. At this point in time he was enjoying every moment of his newfound freedom. The reason Ren chose to start anew in Zone 4 was because he figured his reputation didn’t reach that part of City and he wouldn’t be recognized and reported. After finally reaching Zone 4 the first thing he did was look for a job to secure some sort of income. He quickly found work in the warehouses along the port and found shelter in an abandoned shed. Once he cleaned up the shed a bit he lay down on the floor, head propped on his bag. Certain his new life would be relaxing and peaceful Ren drifted off to sleep with a smile on his face. The following morning he found a strange device in his hand and thus began his involvement in the game known as ZERO.

Likes † Dislikes
+ books
+ peace and quiet
+ the moon
+ the wind
+ wolves [+ animals in general]
- being forced to do things
- losing
- loud places
- people
- physical contact

Additional Info
† The dog tags he wears are blank. Ren abandoned his name and his past. But if you want to know his last name it's Kurogane.
† Ren’s parents forced Ren to take lessons for all of the following: piano, violin, guitar, flute, voice, acting, cross country, track, basketball, soccer, karate and other types of martial arts, kendo, tea ceremony, flower arrangement, fencing, swimming, acrobatics, sewing, and cooking.
† Out of all the activities his parents forced him to do Ren actually does enjoy playing music and going swimming.
† Ren has several scars on his body from getting beaten by his parents.
† Ren has never had a single friend in all his life. He’s never had time for any and people generally either didn’t like him because of his reputation or tried to get close to him in order to use him.
† Ren doesn’t smile or show emotion around people easily. If he does smile for you, a genuine smile, that means he’s comfortable around and trusts you.
† Despite being bad with people Ren is good with animals and will act gentle and kind towards them.
† In his ZERO form his left eye turns red. It emits a glow, or flame, when he's wearing his wolf-shaped mask.
† Ever since taking shelter in Zone 4 he is careful not to go too close to Central.
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